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Graph Office365 Projects Skype for Business Teams

Get-O365UsageReports: Use Graph to pull all Office 365 Usage Reports to Excel

In December 2017, the new Microsoft Graph reporting APIs were announced:, also in this announcement was the deprecation of the Office 365 Reporting Web Service:

  • ConnectionbyClientType
  • ConnectionbyClientTypeDetail
  • CsActiveUser
  • CsAVConferenceTime
  • CsP2PAVTime
  • CsConference
  • CsP2PSession
  • GroupActivity
  • MailboxActivity
  • GroupActivity
  • MailboxUsage
  • MailboxUsageDetail
  • StaleMailbox
  • StaleMailboxDetail

Graph Office365 Projects

Check-AzureServicePrincipals: Using Graph via PowerShell to determine if an Azure Service Principal is a Microsoft Known ID

While writing the Manage-AzureAppRegistration script (, I found some interesting problems setting Oauth2Permissions. My original code would lookup the Service Principal for an API to assist with determining the ID for the specific role I was adding. The problem quickly became apparent that not all Tenants had the same list of Microsoft Service Principals and even if they did, the Display Name could be different.

CloudPBX Enterprise Voice Fixes Lync Office365 Skype for Business

Unable to Escalate PSTN calls via CCE to an Audio Conference

Let’s just assume that a Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) has been deployed successfully, the steps to configure an online hybrid Mediation Server ( Configure online hybrid Mediation Server Settings) was completed and at one time PSTN calls could be escalated to an Audio Conference. Fast forward a few months and users report PSTN call escalation fails every time.

Graph Office365 Projects Skype for Business Teams

Manage-AzureAppRegistration: Using Graph via PowerShell to create a native Azure app registration for PowerShell to access Graph

When accessing some of the Microsoft Graph API endpoints, you can get away with leveraging the well known Client ID reserved for PowerShell: “1950a258-227b-4e31-a9cf-717495945fc2”. Of course luck would have it, the few items I wanted to access (Microsoft Graph Reporting API and Office 365 Management Activity API) are not granted to the PowerShell Client ID.

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Set-CsMeetingRoom unable to set Line URI when leveraging CCE for PSTN

Over the last year a handful of clients have requested assistance around configuring the Line URI for Meeting Rooms in Skype for Business Online when using Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) and Microsoft Phone System. Running the Set-CsMeetingRoom cmdlet with the -lineuri parameter, will greet you with a nice “Unable to set “LineURI”. This parameter is restricted with Remote Tenant PowerShell” error.

Bugs Fixes Lync Skype for Business

Skype for Business anonymous join success when meeting organizer is disabled for federation

A journey for your amusement:

December 2012: I submitted my first Lync Server 2013 (RTM) bug. The problem was when an organization enabled for federation with a conferencing policy allowing to invite anonymous users and a meeting organizer had an External Access Policy disabling federated user access. The result would be an external participant could join this meeting if using the web app, but would fail to join if using the desktop client.

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Skype for Business Online: Voicemail User Settings Portal

The New Voicemail User Settings Features for Skype for Business Online Preview has finished and stopped on-boarding customers at the end of August 2017. In testing and confirmation from multiple clients not part of this preview program, the feature seems to have gone live in the public over the last few days.

CloudPBX Enterprise Voice Fixes Lync Office365 Skype for Business Tips

Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) - We couldn't reach +1XXXXXXXXXX (404 Not Found)

Today I’m shedding light on the SIP 404 response status code while working with Skype for Business Online’s CloudPBX and Cloud Connector Edition (CCE). The “404 Not Found” error is masked in the Skype for Business Client as “We couldn’t reach +1XXXXXXXXXX” during an outbound PSTN call.

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